Comic 20 - Stave 18
21st Dec 2018, 9:29 AM
Stave 18
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Author Notes:
Leafa edit delete
Eight days to go on the kickstarter!

To be totally honest, I'm not 100% sure on this Scrooge design! I think I got a bit better at drawing him as time went on. He also ended up looking more and more like Alistair Sim, who is probably Scrooge incarnation.

Who is your favorite actor to have played Scrooge?
User comments:
ProfEtheric edit delete reply
Oh please oh please oh please let this wonderful redeemed human being help our poor, cursed lad and not be tainted by this terrible, horrible curse. Please please please...

I'm seriously a little terrified here.

(This is a very good thing. But seriously, I'm rooting for old Ebenezer here.)

As far as favorite portrayal, I am ashamed to say I absolutely loved Michael Caine in The Muppet Christmas Carol. Other favorites, though not technically Ebenezer, are Scrooge McDuck in Mickey's Christmas Carol and Bill Murray as Frank Cross in Scrooged.
Leafa edit delete reply
Those are all excellent Scrooge choices :D
Tbh I can't think of a portrayal that I've actively disliked. Alistair Sim always gets my vote because I feel like he does an excellent reformed-Scrooge as well as an excellent miserly-Scrooge, and some actors tend to excel in one or other other.

(I'm also pleased that Tim meeting Scrooge is suitably terrifying. It's probably my favourite moment in this story?)