Comic 17 - Stave 15
19th Dec 2018, 7:41 AM
Stave 15
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Author Notes:
Leafa edit delete
I'm a big proponent of maintaining the comma in "God rest you merry, gentleman" because otherwise the meaning is lost.

It's easy to interpret it as "God rest you, merry gentlemen" ie. the gentlemen are merry and God is making them restful. The gentlemen are actually distraught and dismayed - "rest" here is an archaic use which actually means "to cause you to remain", so they're actually being urged to be merry (which had a broader meaning of pleasant, happy, hopeful)

User comments:
ProfEtheric edit delete reply
Oh... this is terribly, utterly horribad for young Mr. Cratchit. :(
Leafa edit delete reply
Feel disharmony, everyone!